Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Good Is DropBox ?

So another new technology or I should say a web tool in the name of  DropBox is out and has become popular to an extent. Let me first explain what is it all about. Dropbox is a web tool that allows users to share files between different users. What it does is as soon as we download the Dropbox from their official website it creates a folder called "My Dropbox" in any one of your hard drives and then you can store or copy your files in that folder. After doing this, your files stored in the "My Dropbox" folder on your hard drive will be synchronized and uploaded to the web. This feature provides the ability to store and access your files anytime and anywhere, in other words it is a very portable way of sharing and accessing your data. The complete description of using dropbox can be found on the video on their official website

This feature has some advantages and disadvantages that I am listing here:


  • Portability : This tool is extremely portable and also a comfortable way of storing and sharing files on the web. The reason behind this portability is that the developers have built this tool by keeping in mind the things which the users around the world are already familiar viz the file system of their OS. Based upon that foundation they have built a tool which provides abstraction between the users and  uploading and downloading process.
  • Independent of Operating System : Dropbox is independent of the operating system. It means that two persons can still share files between their respective dropboxes even if they use different operating systems.
  • Simple User Interface : If you want portability and ease of use that you should use this tool because it is very simple to use as it is built upon the foundation of the file system of your OS.

  • Less Space : Dropbox provides only 2 GB of free space for every user as compared to some other websites like google which provide around 8000 MB of free space. Also to mention that you will be able to do the same things that you can do with dropbox by creating a Google account but then the portability advantage gets diminished by using this features through google.
  • Expensive : If you want some more space on DropBox here is a catalogue that they offer, which I believe is expensive as compared to other tools that exist on the internet:

  • No Option for Sharing on Social Networks : Dropbox doesn't provide you with a direct option to share your files on sharing on social networks. Although it does provide you with a link for your files which you can share but still It is an icing on the cake if you get an option to share it directly to multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter

So that is the story as far as DropBox is concerned and what I would like to recommend you is to enjoy the free version but if portability and easiness of use are your priorities then only you should go for "Pro".

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